Coinstter.com – Bitcoin Exchange Review

Coinstter is among the many Bitcoin exchanges available around the world. Bitcoin exchanges have enabled people to exchange physical money into bitcoins and bitcoins into money. Also, through these exchanges, customers are able to get access to a wide variety of other services including fiat and crypto currencies.

Coinstter is a strong household name in the Bitcoin market and consequently, it is preferred by some of the most professional traders and active institutions. The main reason behind this strong preference is its advanced CSX technology. This technology has enabled clients to get the best Bitcoin prices in the market.

Besides, the CSX technology has enabled clients to access liquidity and also they can execute levered trades on margin. Coinstter is one of the most active site with lots of Bitcoin exchanges taking place.

Coinstter is secure and major exchange that offers the best prices on its platform. Also, it has variety of trading tools that carter for high demanding Bitcoin companies and the active traders. Its platform was developed by highly experienced Wall Street professionals.

The platform is user friendly for those who are new to Bitcoin as it has self explanatory guidelines and navigation features. Coinstter boasts a very reliable trading platform available.

Since it is a Wall Street designed exchange, it is designed to provide the best Bitcoin trading exchanges at both individual and organizational levels. Coinstter ensures that there is adequate supply of liquidity at all times by sourcing it from other Bitcoin exchanges. Then, with its deep order books, it ensures that there is very minimal slippage of liquidity.

Traders are also to undertake margin trading and have access to other various trading tools and facilities. Trading fees for most of the exchanges is at very low. Notably, the trading fees begin at only 0.20% and decreases with increase in trade volumes. For instance, for 50 BTC, the fee is at 0.20% while for 500+ BTC, the fee is at 0.1%. On top of this, there are other attractive incentives and bonus packages for those traders who trade high volumes.

Coinstter uses Securion system to secure and protect bitcoins. Bitcoins are kept in offline wallets. This system ensures that automatic withdrawal is not possible hence no hacker can drain the accounts remotely. For any withdrawal to take place, a human has to approve the transaction from the offline wallet.

Its reputation is not questionable since its location is known-New York. Besides, it leads the way in ensuring clarity and professionalism in the business of Bitcoin exchange. It has clear legal and regulatory framework and has got strong ethos when it comes to customer service.

Although it has headquarters in New York, it is open for traders both within and outside the US. More of its services include:

  • It is ideal for ATM providers and payment processers
  • Leverage is available up to five times
  • One can trade before sending funds
  • Offers DDOs protection
  • It offers 50% insurance through its Xapo Vault
  • Has APIs that enable millisecond latency
  • Charting tools available
  • Customer support available

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